Darkorium 1.0

My first attempt at web-design back in the 90’s. Good times gerdy ;)

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  • gerdez2009.04.17 - 9:43 pm

    yes. those times ruled. we had no fuckin “everyday” problems. i had enough. you had enough. everybody’s had enough of them everyday problems. sometimes I wish those last forever. sometimes I wish we had been there forever. but… the sands of time are running low. we should make something ourselves. anything. it doesn’t matter. but something just for us, together. remember that my bro. i am wasted right now, so i speak the truth. i need a fuckin someone to judge this fuckin world we are living in. i can’t do it alone. yes, i have my sis maybe…. BUT FOR GODS SAKE!!!!! where is the rest??? what does everybody want from this society??? it’s full of shit, can’t you see???? Wake the fuck up! Desperate times need desperate measures. Adapt for God’s sake! WTF… look around people. It’s you or it’s this crap world. Wake up.

  • Manyi2009.06.29 - 8:04 pm

    Tetszik ez a munkad most is.