The subtle art of not giving a fuck

Borderline self-help book, but enjoyable and entertaining. Like sippin’ a cokctail. The author has a huge ego but he is working on it. It is a process. Alltho’ tuned down the remnant of the tamed beast still manages to soak the pages. Has some really funny chapters. Panda bears. South Africa. Capes’n’shit. There were a few interesting choices of words, that could have been replaced. Like referring to his wife as “a” wife. Like a car, a condo, a wife… or when he gets back to an ex. (stalker) g.f., mild slips of character that leave you with a sour taste. True colors shine trough. You can’t help it. If you write, compose music, draw, shoot photos. Things spill out. The book starts out strong and becomes milder towards the end. I don’t regret buying it.

All in all it is recommendable for the panda alone.

Check out the author, Mark Manson.

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