The Perfect Camera

Seems to me (and a shitload of other people out there) that there is a hole in the realistically priced camera market. Canon? How about getting your shit together? Let me help you. I did some brainstorming and this is what I came up with. I’ll just repeat myself and write down the main guidelines so they sink in. I’ve ‘been loyal Canon, alltho’ I had an affair with Fuji (X-Pro1) but that is over now, honestly, I promise. Oh, ok, I also had a one night stand with Leica (M Monochrom). Honestly, I almost left you for Leica. Come now Canon, are you going to be let others be be first?!

Here’s some stills from the video above.

  • Metal alloy body, crafted from a metal that ages attractively (take a look at your old designs, Canon 7 RF for example, heck buy a Leica M and learn from them also).
  • Long lasting battery (ex: your LP-E6N).
  • Mirror and prism-less!
  • Full Frame sensor (no need to develop a new one, just drop the filters).
  • Weather sealed.
  • Modular maybe but only if it doesn’t compromise weather sealing.
  • 1/8000 shutter speed.
  • Integrated ND filter.
  • Native intervalometer.
  • NO EVF. OVF only. A nice big, clear one with led illuminated frame lines.
  • Keep it minimal. Less is more.
  • Has to ignite passion, photographic “flame” when someone picks it up.
  • Affordable, not Leica-like, sci-fi prices.
  • Lens wise, you already got them Leica mount lenses. You could improve in that department. Microcontrast, 3D rendering, that medium format look, you know, or don’t. There’s enough Zeiss and Leica lenses out there that are awesome.

Create something having these point taken into consideration and “you’ll make it rain” as they say :).

You are welcome.

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