Society 6 fruitphone case review

After of over a year of usage I can rate this item. Also made a video, because the internet lacks society 6 – iphone 6 case reviews videos.

As you can see the case is not perfect but considering the options out there, I’d put it in the “good enough” category. The fact that you can customize it, puts this case ahead of the competition. Wish they made a similar one for ipad pro 12.9″ version. They only have decals for that.

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There are no issues connectivity or sound wise.

I liked that I can order it with whatever design I wish. It allows me to place the phone face down. The camera is protected. The case is tough / solid and has a good grip.

I didn’t like that the case had minor defects out of the box. The hard rubber makes pushing the side buttons… well, hard :) and it doesn’t get easier even after several months of use. Flipping the silent switch is not that easy if you cut your nails like a normal person. There’s a gap between the plastic and the rubber on the back-bottom side of the case after you “assemble” it.

All in all it is holding up really good. In fact in the meantime, my gf also got one and these also fit the iphone 6s, no issues whatsoeva’.

This products gets a 4 out of 5 tp rating.


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