Society 6 fruitphone case review

After of over a year of usage, I can finally rate this item. Also made a video, because I had trouble finding any on the interwebz’ for these Society6 – iPhone 6 cases.

The case is perfect but at the same time, as you can see below it is also not perfect :). The fact that you can customize it, puts this case ahead of the competition. Wish I could order something like this for bigger devices like the 12.9″ iPad Pro for example, but nope, they only have decals for that. Anyho’ behold the photos/video.

There are no issues accessibility wise and like I said before I really like that I can customize the design of it. The rubber-ish inset bezel allows you to place the phone face down. Front protection – check. Camera on the back likewise. Solid build, hence the name “tough”. Provides a good, balanced grip when in hand.

Was a bit disappointed that the case had minor defects out of the box but I guess the production is not streamlined 100% yet. The hard rubber makes pushing the side buttons… well, a bit too hard :) and it doesn’t get “softer” even after several months/years of use. Flipping the silent switch is not that easy if you cut your nails like a normal person either and if I really wanted to be nitpicky, there’s a gap between the plastic and the rubber on the back-bottom side of the case after you “assemble” it.

All in all, it is holding up really good. In fact, in the meantime, my gf also got one for her iPhone 6s, and later another one for her 7 Plus. No issues whatsoeva’.

On a sidenote, I searched the depths of the internet to find the provider who manufactures these iphone cases for Society6 and after a good while I found the answer. It is a company called Case-Mate. Just wanted to leave that in there so I save you some time, in case any of you were curious. Check out their cases that run under the name “Barely There“. Pretty much the same thing.

Updated this post in 2018 February. Still have the case, still lovin’ it and recommending it.

Hope you found this useful.


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