in the old days

If someone had a secret they didn’t want to share…
They went up a mountain,
found a tree…
Carved a hole in it…
And whispered the secret, into the hole.
Then they covered it with mud.
And leave the secret there forever…

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kind words

Caress one’s soul. Sometimes… I get messages, from kind people. Strangers, people I don’t even know or just met for a short period of time. These messages make everything worthwhile, even if they’re very rare. The first time I got one of these straight to the soul messages was when I launched my first website, darkorium. Anyhows, here’s the message:

Kedves Szabolcs,
Ma megint elnéztem a _________ esküvői albumát, és nem győzők eleget gyönyörködni. Fuáj, micsoda profizmus, stílus, jóízlés stb! … Mindenkiben elkaptad a legszebbet vagy inkább a legjobbat – nem ugyanaz. Szóva’ nekem is kell eggy. :D
Ez most benyalás, de a jó embereknek szeretek benyalni.
Sok sikert a munkádhoz!

I posted this to publicly thank you… Thank you from the bottom of my heart… you can’t even begin to imagine how good this felt… thank YOU!! :blush: