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…been thinking a lot lately (nothing new there). Imagining myself living solely from photography. It scares the sha’it out of me. No regular income and the rest of the both horrible and satisfying things that accompany that lifestyle.

It seems the scenarios I came up with, while playing with the imaginary projection of myself living like that are not just fictional. My fears are based. It’s by far not the american dream. Just read the article. Smells like a bookmark :) I guess it’s just depends on the lifestyle you pursue.

The non-monetary value and satisfaction photography can offer (among some other things) are hard to quantify and for most people have minimal value in this money driven, material, consumer society… but since you do it for yourself, it’s a whole different story. I just wonder… would it kill the passion. Zack Arias once said, he sometimes thinks about going back to the regual 9-5…

I will only know if I stop running trough all the possible variations and virtual scenarios & start doing it, experiencing it on my own skin…

new world order

Slowly but constantly, more and more people, “wake up“… are fed up…

Can you taste the smell of change?! Smell it! :) SMELL IT! Smells like nukes and biological warfare if you aX’ me. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but I have a funny feeling that we’ll live to see the next format c:

Hope you have a house in the woods on a mountain with a river nearby.