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“More than that, it stops you from ever thinking the words, “it’s not personal, it’s business.” Especially where people are concerned. Everything is personal because unless you work with vending machines, you work with people – they are your vendors, your fans, your clients, your cheerleaders. The more you care – genuinely care – about them, the more they’ll care about you. This is the old model – the one where people care about each other, refer business to each other, become each others’ advocates and evangelists. Collaboration and word of mouth are still more powerful than slick marketing and SEO (Don’t even start me on SEO).” – David duChemin

WOOOOORD!! :yes:

The bolded part is my favorite ;)

az egy csoda hogy rosszul tudom magam erezni

I know I already posted this but this is just way daaamn good not to post it again. We need to be reminded of these things. At least I know I do.

Whenever you have a shitty day, play this.

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  • krisztian daniel kereszteloje

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