Official launch of the Official site Officially!!

Tripple O! It is ALIVEEEE!!

I’m proud to present my personal website/portfolio:

MANY thanks to the people who helped and supported me, you know who you are ;) and a humongous thanks to the man who coded the website, my cousin, Gergely Dezso, aka gerdez, aka a láma.

After a serious setback a couple of years ago when my main hard-drive failed (mechanical failure) and all my work up ’till that date went bye-bye… (had no backup) I had to come up with a new design for a website for my personal needs/promotion. Randomly one day when I was about to change a roll of TP, I had a eureka moment. Made a couple of shots, opened it up in Photoshop and started doodlin’ right away. Back before the hard drive failure, I had another design 99.9% ready with tons of hours put in it. All hand drawn. Lost everything. Photos, memories, collections, drawings, gone. :( Contacted several HDD-data-recovery companies but their prices reached galaxies far far away so I eventually gave up any hope of recovering my data. Had to start from 0, a clean slate. ANYHOWS, today after all the setbacks I am proud to present you my new website, risen from the ashes, with a new portfolio section and all that.

Feedback is always welcome and appreciated :)


PS: ALWAYS backup your data!

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  • gerdez2009.11.09 - 8:23 pm

    Finally. a post that’s more then links from youtube :D. it’s really boring reading links and watching youtube on the iPod. Just so you know. LOL. Better use Twitter for that. Like you did today. Kudos.

    Thank you for mentioning me (though it’s a little to much, the bolding thing), yes it was a pain in the ass… do that, and even that, and even that, but I did it, and it wasn’t… “just like that, now fuckin take it”. So, good luck with the site, I wish you so many visitors you move to MediaTemple. :)

    Yeah, always back up your data!

  • dtbsz2009.11.10 - 11:24 am

    f u…. the videos i post are good :D and btw it’s better that not posting anything ;)
    twitter is ok with the mozilla plugin but otherwise I wouldn’t use it eheh :D thanks for the tip

    you are welcome :D

    I hope the same :D altho media temple is expensive, but if I move I’ll make you pay for the link to your site :D (just kiddin’)

    Yeah I always do…. 2x 1 terrabytes….

    I want a drobo :((

  • gerdez2009.11.10 - 10:36 pm

    Watch David, he has Drobo giveaways. LOLouTou can remove my badge, I don,t give a fuck. Just kidding…

  • gerdez2009.11.10 - 10:38 pm

    And yes I had a lot of typos in my last post but I was on the iPod. Thought I share that with you, before more sarcastic replys.

  • dtbsz2009.11.11 - 10:05 am

    He HAD Drobo giveaways and I entered the competition.

    …and yes ladies and gentleman, GERDEZ is the proud owner on an Apple Ipod Touch 8GB. He is very proud :D and will be wet when he reads this :D ;)

    You’re happy now? :)

  • gerdez2009.11.11 - 7:02 pm

    Yes. ;) Like the little thing, very much.