Nexa 3500W wireless “smart” socket review

We don’t call anyone with a mediocre skill smart so it eludes me why we call sockets with radio, “smart”. What is it that makes them earn the “smart” badge?!

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if we labeled them “comfortable”?! Comfortable phone, comfortable plug, comfortable car, comfortable tv?!

Anyho. The 20-meter range is true. Might even be an understatement.

Easy setup. Solid build. Comes with a comfortable remote, daaaaa’.

Comes in really handy when you buy an e-golf because you are cheap and you don’t want to pay toll taxes. Goin’ along with the government’s manipulation of us working ants, helping it, achieve the badge of being the greenest city based on some statistics that only reflect the numbers of electric vehicles instead of the harsh reality. Did ya’ know that e-cars only become more “e” after 8 years and by that time their batteries need replacement so, you have to buy new batteries that in turn only become more eco-friendly only after another 8 years. Yeah’… It is all figured out. So, yeah, come is really handy if you 1. don’t have a dedicated charging station, 2. live on the second floor and hanging a 20-meter cable from there is out of the question, 3. you don’t want the neighbors sucking your electricity for free.

The way we used this: Basement. Plugged into the wall socket. 20-meter cable plugged into this radio enable comfortable socket. Running out the cable via the basement window near our parking spot. Remote in the car. So when we arrive home and are in need of some juice. We just get out our cellphone, I mean e-golf charging cable, plug it in the other end of the 20-meter cable waiting to serve us. Switch on the socket via the remote, from the car and voila’. The juices are flowing and I saved myself the trouble of going down the basement, opening and closing 2 sets of doors and so on. When it is all charged up. Just turn it off remotely, the same way we turned it on and be on our way. Smart init’?! I mean comfortable.

Thumbs up.

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