• Book: DSLRs for Virgins. Comprehensive guide for people wishing to learn the fundamentals of photography. Principles of photography that applies to any and all cameras (including mirrorless cameras and film cameras), not only DSLR-s.

Cursor pack: Boiled down collection I created with some special extras. 11.4 kilobytes of goodness.

Wallpapers: Fiftyfootshadows or UnSplash are both great sources..

Music: SoundCloud, source for awesome music.

Zen: Noisli.

Twitter when it comes to social networks.

Fehe Photography. This is where I post photo related stuff.

Send me stuff to review dot com. Reviews of stuffz’.

Bergen guide, Norway. The gateway to the Scandinavian fjords.

Send Good Thoughts anonymously. Social experiment. Testing your faith. :)

CETOradea. Polluting lungs, in a city near you. Static webpage, homage to an iconic source of energy in the town I was raised.