Fruitphone Moment photo case review

Don’t mind the dust please. It might hint the outcome of my opinion about this product. The Moment iPhone case (6/6s) that we have here was born from a Kickstarter project. One can hear a lot of negative things about 90+ percent of projects that show up there. I was skeptical of those negative gossips but this particular product helped them prove me wrong.

This is how the case looks like. Dedicated shutter button on the right side, a place for mounting an optional strap, a soft interior that will treat your iphone right. A battery compartment that houses the battery that is supposed to power the silicone that connects the case (via bluetooth) to yer trusty companion. They even made an app, with cool features that is, was really buggy when I flirted with this whole ecosystem. Had nice features tho. I have to admit. You see, I wanted a dedicated case that is sharpened like a pencil towards photography. The best camera being the one you have with you, this seemed to be a good solution. Good, marketing, pleasant design, optional wood elements. Me likey’.

BUT! Yes there is a but, hence all the dust. No matter how many batteries I tried, forums read, even felt lucky on google. Nothing helped. Some part of the silicone I’m guessin’ is faulty under there and drained the brand new batteries in less than a day. Just want to state that the creators promise 6 months. That is 181.2 days short. Really wanted to like this case. Wanted it to work. The front facing bezel could be a bit higher but even so the phone’s screen did not touch the surface if placed with it’s face down. I just got used to Society 6’s rough case I guess.

As you can see even after a couple of days of usage it already had some not so pleasantly looking marks showing up. That wouldn’t have bothered me tho’ if the main feature / button I bought the case for would have worked, but unfortunately it didn’t.

Nothing proves better my deeply rooted good intentions than the fact that even after my horrible experience with this dud unit, I was willing to invest in their new version, their 2.0. Did a little reading before clicking the magic button tho’. From the comments on their new Kickstarter page it seems their new cases are also malfunctioning. So you have a case with a dedicated shutter button… that doesn’t work… umm, yeah. One would assume they would fix this and learn from their mistakes. It is not really good for business, this. Don’t know about their lens. Never tried them, I’m guessin’ those perform well. There is not a lot that could go wrong with glass, but the guys in charge of the silicone, should be fired, stat.

Like I said. Really wanted to like this. Got a refund btw, but they just left me the dud unit. I guess production costs must be really cheap if they didn’t want it back and I’m guessin’ I wasn’t the only one in this situation. Still have the unit and a refund, so thumbs up. It is really sad tho’ that the feature people will buy these cases for do NOT work. There are alternatives out there that probably work, but they are ugly as fck aka not pleasing from a design standpoint and unfortunately I aspire to enjoy things I interact with on a daily basis.

I tried to find a solution, a fix, some sort of soldering wizardy or something that would enable me to fix the case so the battery lasts more than 12 hours but I couldn’t find any. The guys from Moment treat this like a non existing problem alltho’ this obviously is a serious recurring issue.

These sorts of things give me a BSOD. These could have been a hit.

Would I buy again. Definitely not from these guys or anything they are of will be involved with in the future.

Hope this helps someone.


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