Fart vision

Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody invented fart goggles? We’d all have a better day, it would pump up the mood of our society.

When you’d have them on you, could see all the farts evaporate… and you could set the color you want to see them in. How about that?

When you’re just walking around, going home from work, feeling like crap and you just wanna’ unplug, cheer yourself up… You’d just have to put them on, you’d go from:

ohh whata’ shitty day… damn I hate my boss, and tomorrow, I have to go to work again, I hate my own guts. I wonder what shit-storm waits for me at home… jeez I feel like cutting my wrists…


LMAO OMG!!!! Did you see that guy in the suit, he just farted!! He drops ’em like a machine gun…

Just imagine having those on at a business meeting… or Sunday… at church, it would change the whole perspective… you’d be anxious to go, it would be the highlight of your week :)


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  • gerdez2009.11.11 - 6:42 pm

    LOL. This is a good idea.

  • dtbsz2009.11.11 - 8:26 pm

    This one, for a change, didn’t “hit me” in the “little girls room”…. :D