Anti weather protection system ™ – dtbsz ®

I’m proud to present the dtbsz – © dtbsz ® anti weather protection system ™

photophpc500-300x300A very cheap invention of my’n that helps you protect your DSLR from rain, dust and othe shit (mainly rain). Designed from high end, low cost materials, this ‘do it yourself‘ alternative won’t empty your pocket and will still serve you well in harsh weather conditions. :)

kompot_z_rajskich_jabluszekInstead of buying the products seen on the images for ~ 100$ all you need to invest in is 2-3 simple rubber bands the kind your grandma uses to seal shut her tasty kompot-s and one trash/garbage bag. A new one, not a used one.

elastic_moneyNext you need to make 2-3 holes on the bag. One for the viewfinder, one for the lens and one for your left hand in case you use a zoom lens or you use manual focus. Trough trial and error I realized the easyest and most efficient way is to take the bag, open it, make the first hole at the bottom of the bag (for your hand #2). Put the camera in the bag from above horizontally. You can hold it with your right hand, and trough the hole you just made on the bottom of the bag you can operate the camera’s zoom and focus functions.

black-trash-bag-280x280Ok one hole down, two to go. The next hole will be for the lens. Be very carefull not to make the hole to big. Make it just big enough so that your lens can peek out trough it and so that you can fix the bag with one rubbe band on the end of the lens. If you have a zoom lens fix it after extending it to maximum zoom ;) Just trust me on this.

Now, the last hole for the viewfinder. If you got this far, you have 3 holes on your bag (+ you’re a broke-ass-m.f. like me, otherwise you wouldn’t bother reading about how-to make this cheap shit alternative and you’d buy one like the ones featured on the pictures at the beginning of the post). The original opening of the bag, one at the bottom of the bag for your left hand and one on the side of the bag right at the middle of it (from top to bottom). The last hole is to be made at the same height as the one you made for the lens. This one has to be smaller tho’ (remember this one is for the viewfinder). The best way to do this and I assume you followed along with the steps is to have your camera in the bag at the middle as described. Find the viewfinder and make a small incision. Be careful, don’t scratch your camera.

If you have all the holes prepare the rubber bands. I used two. One to fix the bag on the lens (after extending to full zoom), another at the other end of the lens where you attach it to the camera body.

WOALA!! Your camera is weather proof!! Your unique © dtbsz’s ® anti weather protection system ™ is ready to rumble & to show the finger to mr. bad weather condition!! :)

Now go out there and take some pictures in snow, rain, dust, whatever!! Just cuz’ now you CAN!!

PS: My first attempt went a little bit different but the resources were the same :). I had the bag, took the camera put it in the bag with the lens facing up, torwards the bag’s ‘mouth‘. Afterwards I made two holes on the two bottom corners of the bag (for the belt) and one at the bottom, middle, between the two prev. made holes, for the viewfinder. I didn’t like this version because I had to ‘unmount‘ the belt from the camera, and that’s a bitch (for me). After the holes were made, the belt re-mounted I took the first rubber band and fixed the bag on the camera at the lens mount base of the cam. I extended the lens to full zoom and fixed the ‘mouth‘ of the bag at the other end of the lens. I keep repeating to extend to full zoom because if you don’t and you fix the bag with them rubber bands before zooming out, next time, in the field, the bag won’t let you, it will stretch and eventually rip and the shit will hit the fan.

Here are some photos of the © dtbsz’s ® anti weather protection system ™ and some ‘field/in action‘ photos also. On the last two you can see the © dtbsz’s ® anti weather protection system ™ V.2, and on the prev. photos the first attempt the © dtbsz’s ® anti weather protection system ™ V.1.










Send/link me your versions :D and the photos you shot using this great, low budget invention :D

Greets!! :)

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