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This post will be updated as I gain experience in the “i“-world. I’ll share my thoughts, likes/dislikes about this tool, apps and the Apple company and it’s philosophy in general. This iPad 2 being my second iHardware (first one: iPod classic). Check back from time to time. Cheers :beer: * Last update: 2012.04.03 ****  Q: […]

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DSLRs (explained) for virgins

Photography basics and DSLRs explained This post is meant for people who just bought a DSLR and would like a simple, down to earth explanation in plain english, a guide if you wish, for their new acquisition. A post like this would have helped me a lot back in the day, when I first held […]

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review – asus eeepc 701 running xp

Review of the Asus EeePc 701. This little bugga’ in my personal opinion is great for trips. There are no mechanical parts in it so it’s very quiet, small in size. The tech specs are not very high, nowadays mobile phones have stronger, more capable hardware, but you can check your mail, chat, copy your […]

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welcome to western digital’s trendy bloatware era

Bought my 4’th Western Digital external MyBook hard drive lately. I started buying these “books” cuz’ I had a really nasty experience in the past when my main HDD in my (back in the day) desktop, one day decided to die on me (mechanical failure). Need I say, I’ve lost everything? Didn’t have backup… It […]

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lin(s)ux for a week

This is Mr. AshPringle‘s experience with lin(s)ux A must-read! The guy has a great sense of humor If you’re interested in the full story click on the link. “Upon installing it we were greeted with an unceremonious command console that might as well have been written in the ancient tongue of the long-dead tribe of […]

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pleasing your visual cortex

XP Pro pimpin’ as promised. Pleasing your visual cortex with some fine-ass xp pro ‘upgrades‘. Envying mac os visuals? Tired of lin(s)ux fanatics showing off their flashy (but most of them useless) desktop effects? Well, now you can have those and still roll on xp. Many people change operating systems, migrate to os.x or linux […]

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portal…. a lot of people like cake

…but the cake is a LIE!! (NOT!!!!) PORTAL on the other hand is a great puzzle game. A great short, game!! No violence and / or shooting (ok, there’s a bit of that but not done by you, but TO you :D) I had a great time with it. Finished it in 2 “seesions”, I […]

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