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the barta wedding, teaser

Another album finished :drink: FehePhoto will be up and running soon :) Barta family in da’ city :) :) preparing for the new year hope you had fun, all is well… cheers :beer: c’ya’ guys next year :peace:

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millesime magazine

Really busy lately but I just had to brag about this :-D I iz’ famous!! First No. of the Millesime magazine. There is a small type-o on one of the pages but I won’t let that bother me too much. In the article it’s written correctly. Remember the post about NACHBIL? …and the great guy […]

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x-mas is knocking on the door :peace: behold! some photos of ‘ye advent wreaths my girlfriend made this year special thanks to M. & L. for hosting us the night these were made + the excellent supper :yes: :highfive:

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