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muuussssttt haaaave moooorre tiiimmee (first zbrush sculpt, done with a mouse, from scrap, I mean a sphere)

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official launch of the official site officially!!

It’s ALIVEEEE!! :) I’m proud to present my own, personal, official website: http://www.wipetheworldsass.com/ MANY MANY thanks to the people who helped and supported me more-or-less while building the site, you know who you are ;) and a BIG special thanks to the man who coded the site, my cousin, Gergely Dezso, aka gerdez aka a […]

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3d shorts – novitas

I was working at a ‘certain‘ comapny, (that I would not like to advertise here, long story)  & had the assignment to make some Christmas greetings for a couple of companies in 3D. Nothing special just some shorts. Had to do them FAST on some low end pc. I’m not proud of these shorts (this […]

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