Either curiosity* or my sedentary lifestyle is what will “terminate” me one day. In the meantime I’m here for the experience, enjoy to research, fix, create. Sometimes I even manage to learn from my mistakes.

Ask questions, think for myself and I only smile when I have a reason to. A cog that knows it’s a cog but wants to be more. *A cog that wants to know!

This blog was intended to be an extension of an old web-design project, that it eventually outgrew. Became a journal of sorts. Also tripples as a self-hosted portfolio without any of the restrains or censorship that come with all them’ “free”, “social” websites. Also featuring wonders of the interwebz’, things that I find interesting, entertaining, pleasing to the ear / eye.

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Muchas gracias amigos!

Enjoy your stay, cheers.