This blog was intended to be an extension of a special webdesign project, WipeTheWorld’ but it kinda’ outgrew it over time.

In fact this blog also became a self hosted portfolio, a hub of sorts, where I post my work, reviews, film recommendations, interesting music, videos and other wonders of the interwebz’. Things that are pleasing to the eye, ear, things that are beautiful, interesting, aesthetic or I find worth sharing.

Got tired of all the rules, censorship that came with all them’ “free”, “social” websites out there.

I want to be able to post whatever I feel like without censorship or restrictions and last but not least, without giving up my rights and ownership. Takes more time and effort but it is worth it. Even the smallest donations are appreciated and very welcome.

Hope you’ll enjoy your stay and find it entertaining.

Cheers. :)

PS: Search and Categories are under the square button in the top left corner of the screen.