Either curiosity or my sedentary lifestyle is what will eventually “terminate” me. In the meantime I try to experience & enjoy what this simulation has to offer. Like to ask questions. Think for myself. I don’t do fake smiles. Sometimes I lose my filter. Willingly. Unfortunately.

This blog was intended to be an extension of an old web-design project, that it eventually outgrew. Became a journal of sorts. Tripples as a self-hosted portfolio without any of the restrains or censorship that come with all’othem’ “free”, “social” websites.


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Also features wonders of the interwebz’, things that might be share worthy.

I have a paypal account where you can drop a buck or two. Alternatively here is a bitcoin wallet address in case you feel like sending some cryptocurrency my way: 1JD2jCnG4oqvJE3xgpc2cJCWhdut9BH18L

Nobody ever does. Everybody just wants free shit. This might be the only spot on the interwebz’ where you genuinely get it. Fuck you very much, cheapskate amigos! I mean muchas gracias.

Enjoy your stay, cheers.