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apple ipad 2 box

This post will be updated as I gain experience in the “i“-world. I’ll share my thoughts, likes/dislikes about this tool, apps and the Apple company and it’s philosophy in general. This iPad 2 being my second iHardware (first one: iPod classic). Check back from time to time. Cheers :beer:

* Last update: 2012.04.03


 Q: How come I own one (iPod) ?

A: I wouldn’t if it wouldn’t come with a 160 gig hdd. My music collection fits nicely. All of it. I only synced once. Never again! If the hdd space couldn’t hold all my music and I’d had to sync all the time I wouldn’t own one. I’d probably have a Zune or something. Copy-paste FTW!

Q: How come I own one (iPad) ?

A: I didn’t have the patience to wait until the Android OS or Windows 8 tablets pass puberty. It’s a great tool and the touch technology kicks everybody else’s ass on the market right now.



1. Screen / touch technology – It’s the best there is at the moment. I have to raise my hat.

2. The hardware-s finish. Clean polished. Attention to detail. It’s a joy to hold it in your hand. Quality materials… and the finish, oh I already said that :)

3. Battery life. Without wi-fi and push notifications it’ll love you long time :) but even with all those turned on it lasts for 3-4 days with moderate use.

4. (App) Photo Transfer App. This is the first app you should buy! No more itunes syncing!! I love this program. You can upload and download (videos) your photos, create albums and all that. HUGE like!!

5. (App) Vlc Streamer. With this app you can stream movies from your computer. Almost any format. No jeailbreak needed. The software’s interface could be more pleasing to the eye but it get’s the job done. The free version has an annoying banner and some features are limited. Buy the full version. This app is worth the money!!

6. (App) Flipboard. Also at the top of the list, this one. You can inject all your social media feeds and flip trough news like you flip trough a mag. Awesome. Personalized. Free!

7. (App) Zite. News gathering app, alternative to the above mentioned one.

8. (App) Twitter. Simple, clean, gets the job done plus it makes a purrty’ sound when you tweet something :)

9.  (App) iBooks. Niom-niom-niom!! Page peel, find feature. The list would be long.

10. (App) Ted. In a clean interface. Free. Good looking.

11. (App) 500px. Browsing trough photos revolutionized. Very pleasing to the eye, free.

12. (App) Skype. This software was meant to live on this hardware. Better than Facetime.

13. (App) Maps. Google’s street view. The street view experience on the iPad is extraordinary!! WOW. It’s a pity it doesn’t show locations. I mean you can’t tap on them or anything like you could for example in a browser.

14. (App) Translate. It’s Google’s translate thingy. Free and comfortable. It’s got voice recognition and it works really well.

15. (App) Weather HD. Another must have. Eye-candy.

16. (App) Currency. The well known XE currency converter. Free. Very usefull!

17. (App) Calculator. Simple calculator. Yumm.

18. (App) My Travel Assistant. Highly recommended! Keeping track of expenses. I don’t only use it when I travel. I also use it to track my living expenses. It has all sorts of features! It’s a gem, this one.

19. (App) Artrage. For drawing and such :)

20. (App) Sketch book Pro. Also for drawing, but I like this one better.

21. (App) Snapseed. The sole photo editor app you’ll ever need. Must have!

22. (App) Autodesk SketchBookPro. Looks better and is more versatile than ArtRage is you ask me.

23. (App) Garage Band. For the musician in you. You can kill way too much time with this one.

24. (App) TuneIn Radio. Radio. Free. Great!

25. (App) Sound hound. Ever heard a track and wished you know the artist and the title. Well this does just that! Let it hear 10-15 seconds of the music playing and it will tell you the artist, title, album.

26. (App) Upad. For taking notes and such. I wish the app would load faster but that’s about it.

27. (App) Bamboo paper. Almost the same thing. Simpler and cleaner. Less features, but who need all those features anyhows :P Less is more!

28. (App) Skitch. Bulky icon and interface but it’s very useful for taking notes, sharing stuff. Free.

29. (App) Audio Memos. For audio recording, even if the program is running in the background.

30. (App) TeamViewer. The best remote access program’s app version. Free.

31. (App) Dropbox. Love it. Love it. Free online storage… and more! Oh and it’s free.

32. (App) Canon SGLens. A free app with lots of useful info ’bout lenses and teaching material for beginners. Like. BIGtime!!

33. (App) Mara 3D. Human anatomy reference program for drawererereererers. Simple.


1. Apps crash and you don’t even get an error message or hint or something. The program will just close… :)))) LMAO

2. Complete lack of copy-paste (files)!! The craving for copy-paste is just getting worse by the day. I have serious withdrawal symptoms.

3. No usb port… I won’t even comment on that.

4. No universal charger.

5. No replaceable battery.

6. The share feature on youtube is missing the embed option. I wanted to post a video on the blog the other day and was surprised that I couldn’t (from the iPad).

7. Security measures taken to a whole new ultra-paranoid level. I can’t even fart without signing in with my apple id and password. Bleah!

8. (App) Facebook. This app still needs work. Lots of it. Crashes very, VERY often!!

9. Sync. I abso-fucking-lotely HATE syncing. I want to copy paste. The whole Apple universe is based on the presumption that you are dumb. The devices are built for dumb people who only use their brains as neck weight. I wanted to copy a movie on the device and I couldn’t… I believe, if I pay for a movie, DVD and I also pay for a hardware that’s supposed to be able to handle it, I should be able to do whatever I want with it, but I can’t. Because Apple devices are built for dumb consumers. I do not want to pay subscription fees to Apple or Netflix or insert other profit hungry companies here. I’d like to be able to copy a movie and paste it on my mobile device.

10. Shitty (dictatorship-ish) file management. Again. The device doesn’t let me see file structures or anything. Steve does the thinking for me whether I like it or not and he ain’t cheap. The thing is, I can think for myself.

11. The fact that Steve (rip) despises me and all Apple consumers. Maximize profits! We’re just money cows.

12. It gets sluggish if you don’t restart it once in a while. I mean completely restart it.

13. No delete button on the keyboard… and don’t even start with the backspace. That’s NOT delete. That’s back-fucking-space!!

14. No flash content. Let’s say you want to go to the cinema @ debrecen. You can’t check what movies they currently play because the part of the website that showcases that is made in flash. You can’t even play car town. :P another thing iExperienced today. Blizzard posts a post :) because one of their games turns 15. The page includes videos… Yeah’ you guessed it. They don’t play on the iPad.

16. Editing a post in wordpress is a pain in the butthole. The browser is giving me all sorts of glitches. I’d post a screenshot but I fist have to boot my laptop sync the image to it :) upload it and link it… dear god.

17. Have to google for a solution to get my photos & videos off the iPad via wifi… It seems I need an app for that :)) I really miss plug and play – copy paste.

18. (App) Mail. Let’s say I get an e-mail and I want to reply + send an attached image or what have you. I CAN’T! I have to exit the Mail app. Start the Photo app, search for the image, click it > e-mail photo > that opens up the mail app again… :loser:

19. I have no access to the Wallpapers, under settings > brightness & wallpapers > wallpaper. Why? Just because. Because Steve said so. As I was saying. We pay for it but we only rent it. It’s not ours. Be afraid of people who deny you knowledge/information!! I have no choice. No option. Another major thing why I dislike everything Apple.


All in all this is a very limited device with great touch technology and hardware design. It’s designed for reading (news/books/whatever), light internet browsing, social interaction like taking a photo and sharing it, tweeting, keeping up with news in general and last but not least to suck the money out of your pocket. Apple’s philosophy on problem solving is as follows. They either ban or ignore the content or app that might cause problems (ex. flash) instead of creating a solution or an OS that will handle the problem.

gerdez - Dislike 1 – Maybe you should try the WordPress App.2011.12.30 – 10:42 pm

gerdez - Ahh, and you own an iPad because you had to realize that everything else is SHIT as of now. I wonder what your “Android-I-show-you-all friend” does nowadays with his shitty android toy. And you threw all that bullshit about Apple away, stepped over your ego and gave in to Apple. Because some of the things they do, are THE shit.
Ohh, and the new Facebook app is in the works – if you follow the news. And the Facebook app is still a better experience than the Facebook site. My two cents. Also you should try the Mail app. It too IS the shit. Really.
Forget about copy paste and file structure. It ain’t gonna happen. And maybe it’s better this way. I’ve seen some pretty fucked up Android “iPad”s, and it isn’t cool. People ARE DUMB and STUPID, not everyone knows how to use a computer as we may do. And some may not even give a fuck. They need to get things done, without the hassle. We aren’t the market, we are the 1%. Keep that in mind, when you judge the way Apple is doing it.2011.12.30 – 10:58 pm

Cypress - @gerdez: swallow hard.2012.01.02 – 10:59 am

gerdez - I didn’t follow your link, but you swallow harder. Dipshit.2012.01.03 – 3:03 pm

dtbsz - The wordpress app sux donkey ass gerdez. Sorry.2012.01.03 – 6:01 pm

dtbsz - Hey, hello. Settle down. Tune down the violence ok? Be polite will ya’ + he’s got a point.2012.01.03 – 6:02 pm

dtbsz - @ gerdez: “Ahh, and you own an iPad because you had to realize that everything else is SHIT as of now” nope. The touchscreen technology they OWN is the best. The OS is not. Android is still in diapers just like windows 8 tablets. I’m not as patient as I used to be :)

Android is not = crap. You will see.

New fb. app. Yay :) +1, like :) meg ilyenek.

I don’t want to forget copy paste or file structures!! I REFUSE!! I flip the finger and rebel against it just like Steve did :) I want to have an option.

The mail app is not bad, but it doesn’t beat logging into gmail wia safari if you ax’ me.

“And some may not even give a fuck. They need to get things done, without the hassle” – That’s what bothers and scares me + it’s the reason why we live in such a decadent society.

I have every right to judge “Apple’s way” and their uber-secure-linear-controlfreak-ish-youarealljustmoneycows way of thinking. I’m not their zombie. I want options. I don’t want 1984… and I know I said this before but it’s SOOOO ironic that they became what they rebelled against in the first place…2012.01.03 – 6:14 pm

dtbsz - @ gerdez: “We aren’t the market, we are the 1%. Keep that in mind, when you judge the way Apple is doing it.

Maybe it’s more than 1% (hopefully). “Apple’s way of doing it” = maximize profits. It’s not about what it might have been about at the start. One day a rebel will come an flip the finger at apple just like Steve did in front of IBM :) (http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/12/30/rare_photo_pictures_young_rebellious_steve_jobs_flipping_ibm_the_bird.html) Thanks for the link btw.2012.01.03 – 6:17 pm

Cypress - @gerdez: Mactard hipster with self-esteem issues.
PS: you know what else can’t play Flash content? Bricks.2012.01.03 – 7:40 pm

LKM - Dzsélbrékelljed bmeg, és akkor azt csinálsz vele amit akarsz. Látod a fájlstruktúrát, meg kopipésztelhetsz, meg lophatod az app-eket! És ezzel két legyet ütsz majd egy csapásra, mert közben majd Steve is forog a sírjában! :P

Ha nem tetszik a FB app, azt én nem az iPad számlájára írnám … azt nem az Apple írta!2012.01.04 – 11:11 am

dtbsz - Nem dzselbrekelem mert akkor szarozni fog meg fagyni meg minden baja lesz es ugy ha fagy nem is tudom ujrainditani me nem ugy megy mint mas normalis deviceoknal hogy kiszeded az aksit es visszateszed ha ne-adj-isten megtortenik hanem itt elmegy a gari meg kell apple care meg minden penszopo faszsag. ujevkor is az 1ik mukinak lefagyott az ajfonya’ s utanna szopta az ujjat :)

Nem az Apple szamlajara irtam a fb appot. I’m just reviewing stuffz’.2012.01.04 – 3:23 pm

gerdez - @cypress. Yeah, I am a mactard, wintard, lintard and have personality issues. Happy now? And because I happen to have a job where I MUST use all of those OS’s IRL I have my opinion. Maybe a subjective one, but it’s better than your plastic truth. Go play with your toy. Or go configure an exchange account on your android Samsung or whatever. Count the time. Now go do that on an iOS. Count the time. You see? Now go into mailbox on a desktop/laptop and delete a folder on exchange server. See your mailbox on Android and see your mailbox on an iOS. Surprised? Yeah, I know, Microsoft and Exchange sucks. http://www.openentries.org/electronics_a-former-trainee-told-why-android-smartphone-will-never-be-faster-than-iphone.html Now go get a fucking life!2012.01.05 – 12:47 am

gerdez - @dtbsz: I would give Mail another run. And maybe add more accounts. I’m curious.2012.01.05 – 12:49 am

Cypress - @gerdez: Cry me a river. It must be the easy way you can configure your exchange account that draws people, huh?2012.01.05 – 9:56 am

Cypress - I have just realised that the downfall of Android devices will be the aforementioned exchange account. It’s a well-known fact that users have wasted countless hours trying to configure their e-mail accounts on Android devices and fell minutes (whole minutes!) short of Apple users in the process. This being a daily task that one needs to perform to be able to send MP3 files to GMail accounts from their respective devices.
Oh wait… Apple devices can’t send music files from their playlists. It must be one of those “features” touted by the mother-company. Oh well… at least they have Flash support like my microwave oven has.2012.01.05 – 10:25 am

Cypress - Sorry to intrude again, but I have just stumbled upon this funny thing.
Superiah technologiah!2012.01.05 – 11:18 am

dtbsz - @gerdez: iHave 3 accounts :)2012.01.05 – 11:42 am

LKM - Hát én nem ismerem sem Száj-pressz-t, sem a Gerdez-t de szerintem lúzerek! :P

Amúgy nemtom mit fosol a dzsélbréktől, meg a lefagyástól! Máskülönben meg olyan telefont venni, amiben ki tudom venni az akkut, ha lefagy, csak azért, hogy megtehessem, ha esetleg lefagy … érteeed … :P Az olyan mint azért menni busszal repülő helyett, mert a buszon kiszállhatok, ha pisilnem kell, a repülőn meg miafaszom, hogy megmondják nekem, hogy nem szállhatok ki ott ahol akarok. Ki az a kommunista szemétláda akasszuk fel, hogy megmondja nekem, hogy nem szállhatok ki pisilni ott ahol akarok, azon a repülőn, amire én megvettem a jegyet, és kifizettem meg kiizzadtam, meg az enyém az a szék az utazás időtartamára … Ott a WC bameg a gépen is! :P Nem kell hozzá kiszállni! Nyissad mán ki a szemedet! :P

Nemtom a haverod hogy fagyasztotta le szilveszterkor, és hogy miért szopta utána az úját … feltételezésekbe nem bocsájtkozom, hogy mihez és mennyire ért … de az biztos, hogy én már lassan több mint egy éve használom egy iPhone 4-est, és nem emlékszem, hogy valaha is lefagyott volna, vagy hogy ez különösebb gondot okozott volna nekem. Talán volt már rá példa, hogy újra kellett indítanom, mert valamilyen app nem úgy működött, ahogy kellene, de ez szinte alíg fordul elő. Talán összesen 2-3 szor az egész használati idő alatt. Az enyém dzsélbrékelve van, és nem szokott emiatt lefagyni, és ha újra kell indítanom, mert lefagyna, akkor nem az újjamat vagy valami mást szopok, hanem fogom és a rajta lévő két gombot egyszerre nyomva tartom, és szépen újraindul, még akkor is ha le lenne fagyva.

Nemtom mit fosol az egésztől, hiszen pont ezzel érnéd el azt, amire vágysz, hogy azt csinálj vele amit akarsz. Én látom a fálj-struktúráját, és totál kommanderrel, vagy egy arra alkalmas app-el, azt teszek rá, és oda, ahova én akarom. A US garanciát a dzsélbrékelés és anlokkolás nem voijdolja, esztetet mán a legfelsőbb bíróság kimondotta még tán tavaj előtt … hogy az errefele hogyan működik az meg tégedet ne érdekeljen, mert az eszközöd meg onnét való és úgyis csak ott érvényes rá a gari! :P

Szóval ahelyett, hogy sírna a szád, meg az összes többieké, hogy nem lehet vele azt csinálni amit akarsz, csinálnád meg amit kell, és akkor lehetne.

Az meg, hogy az Apple mint cég úgy van beállítva, hogy nem tudod elküldeni az mp3adat, meg a “jogtisztán” megvásárolt filmjeidet és tartalmadat nem jogtiszta vagy kétes csatornákon szerintem helyes, és visszaszorítja a kalózkodást és társait.
Te Blaskó Kefe-photo Szabócs örülnél, ha te a képeid neten árulnád és mindenki széjjel lonpná és azt csinálna vele amit akar, te pedig ebből közvetlenül kárt szenvednél? Vagy esetleg támogatnád és szeretnéd azt a céget és gyártót, amelyik olyan eszközöket gyárt amik ezt nagyon nehézzé teszik? Szerintem itt erről van szó. Valamint arról, hogy csakis olyan app-eket hagynak jóvá, amik nem károsíthatják az eszközöd, vagy lophatják el az adataid, okozhatnak neked anyagi kárt. Szerintem jól van ez így, és az emberek 99%nak szüksége is van erre, mert bénák és nem értenek még a lószarhoz se, de a telefonjuk az működik, és boldogok, hogy szinkronizálhatnak! :P
Az emberek maradék része pedig, aki a másik rész béna és bunkóságából hasznot akar húzni, az marad az Android platformon, és ír oda vírust, meg adathalász szarokat …

Nekünk meg, akiknek mindez fáj, és úgy érezzük, hogy az Apple ettől kommunista és megköti a kezünket, azok vagy megvehetjük a szar Androidos termékeket, amik valljuk be mindannyian, és erre te is rájöttél, hogy hardverben messzemenően el vannak azért még maradva az Appletől, és közben sírhatunk és dobálhatjuk a szart meg a sarat az Apple és Jobsra, hogy ilyen meg olyan kommunista és szarok a termékei, vagy megvesszük azt ami jó, és jól működik, és úgy működik, ahogy az meg lett tervezve, és nem kell kivegyem az akkut, mert lefagyott, vagy dzsélbrékelhetem, és akkor meg megint az van amit én akarok … És ha te az akkura izgulsz, akkor megsúgom, az iPhone 4-ben két pici csavar kicsavarása után a hátlap könnyen levehető, és az akku is kivehető … ha te mindenképpen ezt szeretnéd …. megteheted. De nem hinném, hogy valaha is szükséged lenne rá!

Aki nem érti haszáljon transzlétet, mert én nem óhajtottam angolul írni, bár megtehettem volna! :)2012.01.05 – 11:46 am

dtbsz - Ez mind mind nagyon iTacsmajszelf amit irsz :)) jot rohogtem rajta plane a repulos hasonlaton, viszont kicsit elvitted a dolgot mas iranyba.

Az Apple termekek designjat (formavilag szempontbol) sosem fikaztam. Viszont a hardvare ami a karosszeria alatt van az mindig is gyengus volt es meghibasodik/felrobban/megsargul a kepernyo/meghalnak a pixelek/por megy ala/stb stb. A szoftwer’ arrol meg nem is beszelek. (MMS wow, amazing!) :)

Nem akarom dzselbrekelni. Mit szolsz hozza. Te sem akarnal zarat cserelni az uj Bentley-den “handbuilt in england” csak azert hogy normalisan tudd hasznalni. Kezitcsokolom.

Az iPaden nincs csavar. Ezzeh csavarhuzo kell :) aztan meg szuper-glu’ :P

Az Apple termekeket is ujra kell inditani neha es igen is azok is fagynak, ugyhogy eat my BSOD. Teccikerteni?

Mondjal mar meg 1 olyan termeket aminek nemtod kivenni az akujat plz. Nem feltetlenul azert mert lefagy, hanem azert mert pl mar szar a battery life es nem akarod bekuldeni Steve-hez hanem csak siman veszel 1et a boltban es beteszed te s igy nem kell megvallnod (napokig a deviceodtol) meg shippingelned a picsaba az egesz device-ot.

A dzselbrekeles az is olyan futere de mama… olyan kennyunk ra szart meg tomjuk be a hianyossagokat kakival, hatha ugy majd mukodik.

Nekem akarhany device-om volt barmilyen software-el… symbiany’, windowsz’, alma… ha temat csereltel vagy belemasztal az “idegrendszerebe” mindig meghulyult, begolyozott. Biztos en vagyok a balfasz most az jon tudom… de en csak annyit tok’ mondani, hogy miutan egyszer elviszel egy uj autot a szervizbe es belebutykolnek az mar SOSEM lesz a regi.

“az Apple mint cég úgy van beállítva, hogy nem tudod elküldeni az mp3adat” – FUCK YOU. Csak ennyit tudok mondani. Megvettem az mp3-at, megvettem a hardware-t is ami lejatsza, akkor azt csinalok vele amit akarok bazzeg’. Teccikerteni?! Kalozkodas lesz, volt, trilogiat is csinaltak :P

Az en kepeimet meg lophatjak de kinyomni ugysem tudjak mert nem vagyok hue’ es eleve ugy teszem fel hogy max az iPhonjara teheti ki hatternek ha egyaltalan kepes elvegezni a muveletet egyedul Steve nelkul.

“Valamint arról, hogy csakis olyan app-eket hagynak jóvá, amik nem károsíthatják az eszközöd” – meg olyanokat amik nem hoznak penzt nekik is. Haggyuk mar keremszepen ezt az allszentseget. Steve minden 1es letoltott itunes szamon keres. Akkor most ki lop meg kit? Tehat en gurizek, zenet tanulok, kidobok 1 lemezt es ez a buzi meg keres a hatamon es megis o az atyauristen es o az aki nem lop?

“app-eket hagynak jóvá” – te ezt maskepp hogy hivnad? :) 1984 ;) ha a windows is csak azt hagyna jova ami “megy” akkor nalluk sem lett volna BSOD, viszont ok tudjak, hogy a megoldas 1 problemara nem az hogy we ignore and ban it (the apple way) hanem az, hogy kitalalnak valamit ra es MEGOLDJAK!!2012.01.05 – 1:02 pm

gerdez - @LKM kisfiam, nemtom mert kell luzerezni. Lehet te is az vagy, aze’? En nem luzersegbol beszelek s vedem Jobs-ot, hanem mert kibaszottul-kurvara szeretem az ideologiajat, nekem regi peldakep, s eleg reg megismertem a termekeiket, nem amiota iphone iz mainstream, ami minden Eye Dee Ten Tango-nak van. Dtbsz-tol elteroen, nekem a kibaszott 99,9%-al van dolgom minden nap es NEM KELL NEKUK copy and paste, mert tonkreteszik vele a dolgaikat! Hanem Sync, az kell, s hogy ne tudjanak szart sem ratenni.

@dtbsz: Amit te nem ertesz az egesz Jobs filozofiabol az az, hogy o nem termekeket csinalt, hanem muveket. Erted? Festmenyt, szobrot, amit akarsz. Picasso asszed orult volna ha valaki belefirkal a kockaiba? Nah, mivel soha a budos kurva eletbe nem fogod megerteni es nem fogod abbahagyni a piszkalast megigerem itt neked, hogy ez az utolso kibaszott post, comment, beszelgetes amit veled az apple/mac/steve jobs-rol folytatok. Ha olyan helyre irsz ilyen diss  dolgokat ahova nem tartozik, csak a flame kedveert – cenzurazni fogom. A 11-16 dislike-odhoz meg illene elolvasni a konyvet, amielott ilyen marhasagokkal rohogteted magad. En egyszer sem inditottam eddig ujra az iPad-et. Egyszer sem. Pedig oktober ota hasznalom. A delete gomb ott van, csak maskepp mukodik mint windoz-on, mert ez nem windows. Kepet syncelni lehet … wifin… kitalaltad, iTunes-el. RTFM, hogy hogy. Na, ez volt az utolso, tenyleg. Mert kibaszottul meguntam mar.2012.01.06 – 1:54 am

Cypress - I’m just gonna leave this here…2012.01.07 – 11:05 am

dtbsz - @gerdez. Lkm nem ugy luzerezett. Figure of specch meg minden. :) meg amugy is engem fikazott itt, annak ellenere, hogy mikor itt volt live o is az apple-t fikazta :p

En kifejezettem utalom Steve ideologiajat, s ha kicsit gondolnal a gyerekeidre meg unokaidra is szerintem te sem lennel annyira oda erte.

En ugy latom Steve-et, hogy az elejen tenyle jo szandek hajtotta, alternativat akart a nagy corp. monopol orra ala dugni, so people coul Choose. Viszont ahogy teltek multak az evek, he went over to the dark side… Utanna pont azz-a valt akik ellen lazadt in the first place. Ha lehet meg roszabb lett!

Nemtom milyen muvekrol beszelsz. Tudomasom szerint a hardvert az a kigyurt, rovidhaju inzsinyer’ csinalja neki s o meg csak jovahagyja ha lajkojja meg azon szorakozik hogy az hogy ejti ki az “aluminium” szot.

A szoftwert meg az a bosnyiak’ csinalta(?) nem? Az aki mindenhova segvéjjel’ jar, me kurvasok penze van :)

En nem latok semmilyen delete gombot amugy.

Nekem belassult meg most is bugos a safariban a wordpress. En mar 2x ujrainditottam :p

Itunes-el nemtom hogy synceled te fel a kepeket. En valami ftp appot talaltam amivel lehet wifin keresztul, dehat az sem copy paste, but it beats syncing.

Nem kaptam hozza manualt, ugyhogy I can’t RTFM. :)2012.01.07 – 1:07 pm

dtbsz - @cypress: I know we had our differences, but… You made my day today with that image :))))))))) and my answer is… Because of the screen/touch technology. It’s a touch device after all. It’s good to read news from bed or while on the road + it’s effective when meeting with potential clients.2012.01.07 – 1:52 pm

dtbsz - Btw you can kill apps on the ipad 2 2 (pun intended) :)2012.01.07 – 1:56 pm

Cypress - My primary phone is the iPhone, I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.” – Steve Wozniak


Over and out.2012.01.18 – 3:21 pm

dtbsz - How can I not tweet this :)2012.01.18 – 4:28 pm

Cypress - Also – Study: iOS Apps Crash More Frequently Than Android Apps.

around 80% of the crashes […] are from iOS apps. iOS 5 alone accounts for more than a quarter of the crashes.

Chuuus!2012.02.04 – 10:32 am

LKM - I’m glad you read the full article … :P

“80% is a staggering amount, but it does not tell the actual story. Crittercism tracks three times as many iOS apps as the number of Android apps. So, it makes sense that the number of iOS crashes they have tracked is far more than that of Android.

A clearer picture of the crash rates can, therefore, be seen if the crashes are represented as percentage of crash per app launch. This removes the discrepancy due to the greater number of iOS apps.


What this graph shows is that in the top ¼ apps on each platforms, Android apps crash 0.15% times per app launched while iOS apps crash 0.51%. The same trend continues for the 2nd and 3rd quartile as well, the iOS apps crash more often than the Android apps – the margin though gets closer.


A second reason for Android’s lower crash rate could be simply because of the fact that there is only one phone that runs the latest version of Android – Android 4.0. Most of the Android phones are still on Android 2.3 or 2.2. In the case of iPhones, however, a very sizable number of them are running the latest iOS5.


For now, however, the data says that iOS apps crash more often than Android apps. It will be interesting to see this comparison in a few months after Android 4.0 gets on more phone.”2012.02.04 – 8:05 pm

Cypress - Further copy/paste from the same article doesn’t change percentage. Not a tiny bit. :)2012.02.05 – 9:46 am

gerdez - Yo, Lord of Darkness… Chew on this: http://www.cultofmac.com/162823/linux-creator-linus-torvalds-i-love-my-macbook-air/2012.04.25 – 8:43 am

dtbsz - Yo, chew on what? So what if Linus love his tiny ass macbook? :) I couldn’t care less.2012.04.26 – 11:34 am

gerdez - you are not the Lord of Darkness, No. 1 Worshipper of Satan and of Ants.2012.04.26 – 4:50 pm

gerdez - Yo Darkness, here’s another one for your almighty clever ass: http://www.neowin.net/news/steve-wozniak-windows-phone-is-intuitive-and-beautiful2012.04.28 – 9:25 pm

Cypress - I guess old wounds heal hard, eh Gerdez?
You forgot to mention that he runs Linux on your precious Apple machine. That’s a GNOME 3 screen there in the background. As for the Woz reference, I have no idea where you wanted to go with that. Calma te.2012.05.02 – 1:21 pm

gerdez - in primul rand, nu-ti mai gasesc blogul. Care e un lucru bun sau rau? Inca nu stiu. Society bit your head? In al doilea rand… mai sus ai pus un citat de la Woz, care vroia sa faca iOS ce face Android. Dar momentan vad ca ii place Windows mai mult decat Android. Cu Linus, ma refeream nu neaparat la OS ci la ce HW foloseste. HW de cacat de la Apple. Toti au impresia ca eu folosesc Apple ca sunt fanboy, dar poate nu este chiar asa, dar nu o sa-mi explic motivele. Ca eu as fi vrut sa le folosesc inainte sa fie mainstream, dar nu am avut bani de ele. Si le-am folosit si inainte dar nu erau ale mele + ca dtbsz poate sa-ti confirme ca eu folosesc Linux, Windows OSX si nu ma cac pe niciunul, ca la toate am pro si contra. Androidul in schimb e un cacat. Asta e. Si si-au facut-o ei, nimeni altcineva. Si BTW OSX is BSD, which is Linux in a way, si OSX is UNIX certified OS, asa ca ar trebui sa ma iubesti mai mult cu tot cu Apple decat pe cei cu Windows. ;) Apropo, sa va distrati la Sepu si Bio!2012.05.02 – 11:42 pm

gerdez - Ah, si nu dau 2 bani pe parerile lui Woz, care a ramas cu buza umflata back in the past, si he can’t get over it. Si e vede.2012.05.02 – 11:47 pm

Cypress - 1. Pe blog nu mai scriu, îl las site de prezentare. Scriu pe opencube.ro de ceva vreme că parcă acolo societatea nu mă mușcă așa de rău de coaie ca pe domeniul meu. E o chestie psihologică acolo, nu te chinui cu ea.

2. Mă doare-n scrot ce hardware folosește Linus. Putea fi și RISC din partea mea. Iar Android e de căcat, de-aia are 51% din piața SUA iar iOS 31%. Tu știi. Și-au făcut-o cu mâna lor.

BTW: BSD nu e Linux. Nici ”in a way”, nicicum. E UNIX-compliant ceea ce e cu totul altceva. Iar OS X nu e nici BSD cum afirmi, e construit pe o structură BSD. Dacă faci comparație între sistemul lor de fișiere nu găsești aproape nici un element comun.2012.05.03 – 9:19 am

gerdez - Bine, fie cum zici tu, asa e, nu e Linux. Dar nu credeam ca ar trebui sa detaliez, in linii mari e aceeasi mancare de peste, au pornit ambele de la aceeasi chestie, stiu ca nu e BSD, doar ca a pornit de pe ramura aceea… WAAAA.. chiar nu ma gandeam, ca trebuie sa desenez tot arborele de la UNIX la Linux, respectiv OSX. Da nah, whatever floats your boat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Unix_history-simple.svg … nah despre asta vorbeam. Dar stii si tu despre ce vorbeam, numai ca a trebuit sa ma corectezi.

In legatura cu market share… not everyone drives a Mercedes or a Cadillac. And not everyone has to.2012.05.04 – 1:16 pm

Cypress - Ceea ce descrii tu acolo e UNIX-compliancy. Nu te oftica ampulea, că și lalelele sunt tot un fel de margarete și-ți pot da o schemă care să-ți arate că tot plante sunt amândouă iar tu vei pricepe ce vreau să zic. Chestia cu ”păi herpa-derp ar trebui să iubești OS X pentru că e tot un fel de Linux” e tâmpită rău, zău de nu. Pentru că dacă o luăm așa, BeOS e mai aproape de structura OS X decât e OS X de Linux sau BSD. Nu te văd folosindu-l. Înțelegi tu? Așa că nu e o chestie de ”whatever floats your boat”, e o chestie de vorbești doar ca să vorbești roflcopter.2012.05.04 – 3:06 pm

gerdez - Asa pentru informatia ta, am folosit pe vremuri BeOS… just for fucks sake. Am si screenshoturi :) Si folosesc si preaslavitul tau Linux aproape zilnic si Windows. You know, so I don’t end up narrowminded, like so many.2012.05.14 – 7:54 pm

Cypress - Faptul că ai instalat de curiozitate BeOS Personal Edition nu se socotește că l-ai folosit. Că dacă te întreb ce-i un query sau un Tracker pun pariu că te bâlbâi. După ce ai folosit BeOS R5 doi ani ca mine, zi de zi, cam atunci discutăm. Că la modul la care ai folosit tu BeOS sunt și eu user OS X. Just for fuck’s sake, așa. Cât despre ”narrow-mindedness”, păi să vedem:

1. Tu zici că OS X e tot un fel de Linux;
2. Eu te corectez pentru că vorbești tâmpenii;
3. Răspunsul tău? ”Folosesc Linux aproape zilnic”.

Trololol. Uite mai sus narrow-mindedness.2012.05.15 – 12:39 am

dtbsz - Stai ca virgula cred ca eu is ala narrow minded :)) – the looser who only uses windows, buhuu :))

When are you guys going to stop comparing your cocks and maybe, instead, get some shit done :) nu ma intereseaza pe ce OS. :P

Just for the record, Windows RULZ!! x))2012.05.28 – 8:55 pm

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