apple ipad 2 box

This post will be updated as I gain experience in the “i“-world. I’ll share my thoughts, likes/dislikes about this tool, apps and the Apple company and it’s philosophy in general. This iPad 2 being my second iHardware (first one: iPod classic). Check back from time to time. Cheers :beer:

* Last update: 2012.04.03


 Q: How come I own one (iPod) ?

A: I wouldn’t if it wouldn’t come with a 160 gig hdd. My music collection fits nicely. All of it. I only synced once. Never again! If the hdd space couldn’t hold all my music and I’d had to sync all the time I wouldn’t own one. I’d probably have a Zune or something. Copy-paste FTW!

Q: How come I own one (iPad) ?

A: I didn’t have the patience to wait until the Android OS or Windows 8 tablets pass puberty. It’s a great tool and the touch technology kicks everybody else’s ass on the market right now.



1. Screen / touch technology – It’s the best there is at the moment. I have to raise my hat.

2. The hardware-s finish. Clean polished. Attention to detail. It’s a joy to hold it in your hand. Quality materials… and the finish, oh I already said that :)

3. Battery life. Without wi-fi and push notifications it’ll love you long time :) but even with all those turned on it lasts for 3-4 days with moderate use.

4. (App) Photo Transfer App. This is the first app you should buy! No more itunes syncing!! I love this program. You can upload and download (videos) your photos, create albums and all that. HUGE like!!

5. (App) Vlc Streamer. With this app you can stream movies from your computer. Almost any format. No jeailbreak needed. The software’s interface could be more pleasing to the eye but it get’s the job done. The free version has an annoying banner and some features are limited. Buy the full version. This app is worth the money!!

6. (App) Flipboard. Also at the top of the list, this one. You can inject all your social media feeds and flip trough news like you flip trough a mag. Awesome. Personalized. Free!

7. (App) Zite. News gathering app, alternative to the above mentioned one.

8. (App) Twitter. Simple, clean, gets the job done plus it makes a purrty’ sound when you tweet something :)

9.  (App) iBooks. Niom-niom-niom!! Page peel, find feature. The list would be long.

10. (App) Ted. In a clean interface. Free. Good looking.

11. (App) 500px. Browsing trough photos revolutionized. Very pleasing to the eye, free.

12. (App) Skype. This software was meant to live on this hardware. Better than Facetime.

13. (App) Maps. Google’s street view. The street view experience on the iPad is extraordinary!! WOW. It’s a pity it doesn’t show locations. I mean you can’t tap on them or anything like you could for example in a browser.

14. (App) Translate. It’s Google’s translate thingy. Free and comfortable. It’s got voice recognition and it works really well.

15. (App) Weather HD. Another must have. Eye-candy.

16. (App) Currency. The well known XE currency converter. Free. Very usefull!

17. (App) Calculator. Simple calculator. Yumm.

18. (App) My Travel Assistant. Highly recommended! Keeping track of expenses. I don’t only use it when I travel. I also use it to track my living expenses. It has all sorts of features! It’s a gem, this one.

19. (App) Artrage. For drawing and such :)

20. (App) Sketch book Pro. Also for drawing, but I like this one better.

21. (App) Snapseed. The sole photo editor app you’ll ever need. Must have!

22. (App) Autodesk SketchBookPro. Looks better and is more versatile than ArtRage is you ask me.

23. (App) Garage Band. For the musician in you. You can kill way too much time with this one.

24. (App) TuneIn Radio. Radio. Free. Great!

25. (App) Sound hound. Ever heard a track and wished you know the artist and the title. Well this does just that! Let it hear 10-15 seconds of the music playing and it will tell you the artist, title, album.

26. (App) Upad. For taking notes and such. I wish the app would load faster but that’s about it.

27. (App) Bamboo paper. Almost the same thing. Simpler and cleaner. Less features, but who need all those features anyhows :P Less is more!

28. (App) Skitch. Bulky icon and interface but it’s very useful for taking notes, sharing stuff. Free.

29. (App) Audio Memos. For audio recording, even if the program is running in the background.

30. (App) TeamViewer. The best remote access program’s app version. Free.

31. (App) Dropbox. Love it. Love it. Free online storage… and more! Oh and it’s free.

32. (App) Canon SGLens. A free app with lots of useful info ’bout lenses and teaching material for beginners. Like. BIGtime!!

33. (App) Mara 3D. Human anatomy reference program for drawererereererers. Simple.


1. Apps crash and you don’t even get an error message or hint or something. The program will just close… :)))) LMAO

2. Complete lack of copy-paste (files)!! The craving for copy-paste is just getting worse by the day. I have serious withdrawal symptoms.

3. No usb port… I won’t even comment on that.

4. No universal charger.

5. No replaceable battery.

6. The share feature on youtube is missing the embed option. I wanted to post a video on the blog the other day and was surprised that I couldn’t (from the iPad).

7. Security measures taken to a whole new ultra-paranoid level. I can’t even fart without signing in with my apple id and password. Bleah!

8. (App) Facebook. This app still needs work. Lots of it. Crashes very, VERY often!!

9. Sync. I abso-fucking-lotely HATE syncing. I want to copy paste. The whole Apple universe is based on the presumption that you are dumb. The devices are built for dumb people who only use their brains as neck weight. I wanted to copy a movie on the device and I couldn’t… I believe, if I pay for a movie, DVD and I also pay for a hardware that’s supposed to be able to handle it, I should be able to do whatever I want with it, but I can’t. Because Apple devices are built for dumb consumers. I do not want to pay subscription fees to Apple or Netflix or insert other profit hungry companies here. I’d like to be able to copy a movie and paste it on my mobile device.

10. Shitty (dictatorship-ish) file management. Again. The device doesn’t let me see file structures or anything. Steve does the thinking for me whether I like it or not and he ain’t cheap. The thing is, I can think for myself.

11. The fact that Steve (rip) despises me and all Apple consumers. Maximize profits! We’re just money cows.

12. It gets sluggish if you don’t restart it once in a while. I mean completely restart it.

13. No delete button on the keyboard… and don’t even start with the backspace. That’s NOT delete. That’s back-fucking-space!!

14. No flash content. Let’s say you want to go to the cinema @ debrecen. You can’t check what movies they currently play because the part of the website that showcases that is made in flash. You can’t even play car town. :P another thing iExperienced today. Blizzard posts a post :) because one of their games turns 15. The page includes videos… Yeah’ you guessed it. They don’t play on the iPad.

16. Editing a post in wordpress is a pain in the butthole. The browser is giving me all sorts of glitches. I’d post a screenshot but I fist have to boot my laptop sync the image to it :) upload it and link it… dear god.

17. Have to google for a solution to get my photos & videos off the iPad via wifi… It seems I need an app for that :)) I really miss plug and play – copy paste.

18. (App) Mail. Let’s say I get an e-mail and I want to reply + send an attached image or what have you. I CAN’T! I have to exit the Mail app. Start the Photo app, search for the image, click it > e-mail photo > that opens up the mail app again… :loser:

19. I have no access to the Wallpapers, under settings > brightness & wallpapers > wallpaper. Why? Just because. Because Steve said so. As I was saying. We pay for it but we only rent it. It’s not ours. Be afraid of people who deny you knowledge/information!! I have no choice. No option. Another major thing why I dislike everything Apple.


All in all this is a very limited device with great touch technology and hardware design. It’s designed for reading (news/books/whatever), light internet browsing, social interaction like taking a photo and sharing it, tweeting, keeping up with news in general and last but not least to suck the money out of your pocket. Apple’s philosophy on problem solving is as follows. They either ban or ignore the content or app that might cause problems (ex. flash) instead of creating a solution or an OS that will handle the problem.