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canadian visa experts dot com

They call you…
Lick your anus clean…
Tell you everything you want to hear…
…and when they try to guess (literally) your bank’s name, ask for you credit card number, name on card, security number:)so they can charge you and have 0 legal problems for doing so, the 1000+ USD or EUR for their “guide package” or whatever.
That’s when you get suspicious and do a quick google search on who owns the domain:

Plus you check “kevin panko”-s website and realize based on the shaky design and graphics (saved for web and a very low quality) that this is a scam… Kevin Panko… lol

Just hang up and don’t let them waste your time!

Hope this helps folks.

PS: Reported them to the Canadian authorities;)because fuck you for wasting my time and trying to steal my money that’s why.